4 tricks for every entrepreneur on social media

Through the years, we have figured out how to help young businesses achieve success in social media. Here are four tricks that any entrepreneur should know!

Be yourself

Being true to yourself and the personality of your own company helps you not just in social media, but in all aspects of business. You need to identify what your company is good at, who your audience is and their motivations, and how to connect to them.

Once you figure that out, you will be able to strategize on a social media plan that is true to your business and reach out to your audience effectively. Beyond just figuring out what you are good at, knowing yourself will also allow your company to establish the overlap between what your company is good at and what your audience really want.

Plan ahead

Don’t be a prisoner of the moment and act on impulse. Strong social media presence is created through proper planning.

Like every aspect of business, success in social media Is achieved through figuring out all possible scenarios and making sure there are steps taken to get to the desired outcome.

Map out a content strategy with daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. You should also plan what content is being produced and have processes in place to measure the effectiveness of each post or tweet. With the proper steps in place, you will be able to quickly analyse your social media results and adjust accordingly.

Engage with people on social media

Take every piece of communication on social media seriously. If a customer has a compliment, it is an opportunity to grow the satisfaction and increase the likeliness that the customer will recommend your product/service more. Conversely, a negative review or complaint deserves a response and provides the business to engage and understand.

People who are very invested in your social media page can be converted into brand advocates who will and their credibility will be stronger and more effective than any marketing or advertising tool

Tweak accordingly

Consistency is good, but complacency is the bane of all businesses. Always thrive to improve what you are doing on social media.

With social media, competitors can keep tabs on each other and there is nothing to stop a competitor from copying your style if it is working. Always make incremental improvements to make sure you are always ahead of the curve.


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