Five reasons not to miss ‘The Art & Science of Social Media’

On Tuesday June 27, Stratgeist will host an intensive 2-hour course titled ‘The Art and Science of Social Media’. This seminar open for registration now. If you need any more convincing, here are five reasons why this seminar is NOT TO BE MISSED!

It caters specifically to photographers and real estate agents

Social Media is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The needs of a MNC will differ vastly from what a real estate agent is trying to achieve on social media.

The real estate market is extremely competitive and agents need every edge to get ahead. In this seminar, learn the secret tricks to advertising that will exponentially increase your leads and provide you an edge over the competition.

Get to learn from leaders of their respective industry

There are hundreds if not thousands of courses in the property industry on how to obtain leads. However, none of them are taught by industry experts who have spent millions of dollars on social media and doing multi-national social media branding and marketing. The three speakers during the seminar are Rayney Wong, a best-selling author and property guru, Jason Lim, leading social media brand expert and renowned photographer UKay Cheung. Collectively, they boast more than 70 years of experience in this market and are the authority in the latest trends in social media advertising for the real estate industry.

Letting you in on the secrets of the industry 

The veteran speakers at this seminar have been at the pinnacle of their respective industries, and to get there they have mastered the tricks of the trade. They will let you in on the ‘secrets’ to their success and how you can translate that to helping you find success as well.

2 hours to learn what is taught in 2 years

A course of this magnitude usually taught through an extended duration. This seminar will provide all you need to know about social media and photography for the real estate market in a mere two hours and equip you with skills that others study years for.

Learn practical tips that will work immediately 

The skills obtained in this seminar are practical and applicable immediately. Topics include “5-step plan to AUDIT your current Social Media status”, “10 Things Property Agents are doing WRONG on Social Media” and “How to tell a “Good Ad” from a “Bad Ad” in 5 seconds”.

You can apply the advice right away and notice improved results almost instantaneously.

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Stratgeist is the predominant expert in enhancing social media performance for businesses. With more than a decade of experience in cutting edge social media technologies, Stratgeist helps businesses analyse the social media climate and tailor the strategy to get optimal results.




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