5 Tips: How real estate agents should use social media

The days of scouring newspaper listings for properties are over. The battle for real estate agents are now fought over social media. Real estate agents, get ahead of the game with these tips on how to use social media.

  1. Build your Facebook Page

DO NOT use your personal Facebook account. Prepare your Facebook page with a proper name, a professional profile photo and a catchy cover photo. This will help later when the social media user clicks on the page to find out more

  1. Always post photos

Real estate is a visual industry where decisions are made based on what can be seen. Posts with images get the highest levels of views on social media. The more likes, comments and shares it gets, the more friends of your fans will see and will result in a higher reach.

  1. Show care

The crux of the real estate industry is how well you take care of your clients and make sure they are satisfied. Replicate the same care on social media by congratulating your clients once a deal is done or post updates about how they are doing. It shows prospective homebuyers that you genuinely care and will check in even after the sale.

  1. Balance content with listings

The magic number for businesses on social media is 80/20. 80% of the time, the post should be something that is of use to the person following your page. For real estate agents, that could be tips for new homeowners on maintenance and how to care for the house or renovation suggestions and tips. The other 20% of the time, you can post listings of the houses available. This balance makes your page interesting, useful and engaging.

  1. Use geo-targeting

Facebook lets your target your posts and your ads. Take advantage of that by focusing your marketing efforts on the city or area that you specialise in, becoming the leading real estate person in the area.

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