Social Media Platforms and how to use them for real estate

Are you struggling to sell a house? Social media can help you! Each social media platform has its own unique characteristic to market your property. Here are four social media platforms and how you can use them for promoting real estate.


People go on youtube for videos. A youtube video tour around the property that you are trying to sell is a perfect way to showcase the property. There are many video-making apps like Magisto & Imovie that allow you to create a video easily.

Once your video is uploaded, cross promote the video across multiple platforms, including your website, Facebook, Linkedin and blogs. Getting your video views will increase its visibility on Google searches, and create more organic views.

Remember to add a strong call to action within the video!


Pinterest boards are a great way to showcase the unique features of your listed properties. You can reach an even bigger audience by creating a Pinterest board of all things loosely connected to real estate. Think about the audience you can get if you owned a board about local attractions, attractive architecture and other things about the communities where you are selling property. You can post images about these, build up a community of followers, and then occasionally throw in images that link to your listings once the audience is cultivated.


Use local hashtags to be relevant in the area! Find out what is happening in around the listed property. Is there something in particular that is trending? How can you connect your property to that on social media?

Another way to use Twitter is to scour it for potential customers. Unlike Facebook, it is far easier to check out the statuses of people on Twitter. Use the platform to track interested people in buying or renting property and reach out to them via twitter.


There are so many ways for you to create new leads through Facebook. Compared to advertising on other social media platforms, Facebook remains the most effective and most diverse method. Create useful information like a home buyers guide or cheat sheet and that will entice prospective buyers to click on your ad. These ads generally produce a higher yield for the same amount of advertising dollar. You can then create a squeeze page for subsequent conversions.

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