Here’s 5 things you need to know about 15 August…

Congratulations on signing up for Social Media & Photography 101 by Stratgeist.

Right now, you have embarked on a learning journey that will take you and your business to the next level with Social Media. We are delighted to be a part of that journey with you.

Before we embark on the full-day course on 15 August, here are some essential things you need to know:

1. We intend to start ON TIME!

We’ve got so much to share with you that day. If you want to maximise your learnings, please be on time so you don’t miss out.

Venue: *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, 237978
Room: The Arena on Level 4
Registration begins: 9.30am
Session begins at: 10am sharp

2. We are providing you with LUNCH

In case you didn’t get the message or forgot about this, we will be providing you with lunch on that day. So no need to bring lunch boxes or your own picnic baskets!

3. Bring your laptops

To maximise your learning, we will be giving you hands-on, practical training on the Facebook Ad Manager and on how to edit and retouch your photos. There is free wifi in *SCAPE. If you are not bringing a laptop, an iPad would be fine as well. We recommend that you do not try to follow the course with just a smart phone because the usage is very different.

4. You NEED to have a Facebook Page

Having a Facebook account is not enough. You need to have a Facebook page as well. If you do not have one today, I’ve embedded a video that will teach you step-by-step on how to create a Facebook Page for yourself in about 5 minutes. Please click on the video below to learn now.

5. Bring Your Camera (if you have one)

This is optional. But while you have a world-class Commercial Photographer to train you, why not get all the tips you can get right there with your personal camera? At the minimum, what you should have is a smart phone that you can take pictures with.

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