Successful social media case studies

Creating a successful social media platform can be daunting. In this era of digital media, there is so much clutter and noise and it is not easy to stand out. We look at a few case studies of successful social media activations and hopefully find a few important insights that will help when creating your own strategy.

Use of humour- Wendy’s

The social media of Wendy’s has created one of the most entertaining Twitter profiles by mastering the art of roasting, which is to humorously insult someone in the form of a joke.

They have since rolled out this personality to its multiple twitter accounts, including this brutal comeback against market leader Mcdonald’s when the latter tried to use the trending #SaidnooneintheUAE hashtag. Its main Twitter account has since grown to two million followers, far outpacing other fast food restaurants and trailing only Mcdonald’s in number of followers.

Use of emotional connection- Dove

Dove, realising that its core target demographic are women, did a market research on their experiences on social media and found that 80% have encountered a negative experience on social media. With the aim of creating a positive social media atmosphere, Dove created the #speakbeautiful campaign, encouraging positive messages. The message inspired its following and generated more than 800 million in impressions.

Putting a spin on news- IKEA

Furniture giant Ikea occasionally finds itself in the news, through no action of their own. These examples show that the company’s social media team knows how to make the best of such opportunities. In April, luxury fashion retailer Balenciaga released a tote bag that immediately drew comparisons to the takeout bag at IKEA. In response, IKEA released this fantastic ad.

Another recent example occurred when Twitter users spotted that the hit television show Game Of Thrones used Ikea’s rugs as part of their character’s costumes. Initially unaware of this, they quickly created a plan and responded with this post.

When creating your social media strategy, just remember, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Find a style that works for you and tailor your content strategy around that style.

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