4 Must-dos of Social Media Community Management

Community management is the foundation of making your social media presence a success. Sure, quality content helps get you high views and engagement, but demonstrating consistent community management will create a long-lasting relationship and have a long-term impact on your brand awareness, reputation and conversions. Here are four MUST DOS in community management.


  1. Reply to every legitimate comment or query

Engagement is the most important difference of social media compared to traditional business communication channels. Social media provides two-way communication possible, and consumers have used it for queries, feedbacks and complains. Not all comments will be positive, however community management is imperative to approach each legitimate comment honestly. Assess each engagement on social media and talk to and actively participate in online conversation with consumers.

  1. Be engaging, personal and remember your Social Media Brand Voice

Great social media community management starts with creating a social media brand voice. What is the personality that you want the brand’s persona to be.

The social media brand voice has to be engaging, and make the person you are engaging with feel like they are having a personal conversation. The interpersonal relationship will help them have a more positive feeling about the brand.

  1. Post frequently and regularly

Social media accounts are like living creatures. The more activity they display demonstrate how well and ‘alive’ they are. Posting frequently will ensure a few things. Firstly, it will improve your search rankings on search engines. It will also expose your brand more regularly to your followers, creating more brand loyalty.

Although there is no fixed rule on number of content per week, here is our suggested guide. One to two posts a day on Facebook, 15 tweets a day on Twitter, 11 pins a day on pinterest, one post a day on Linkedin, two posts a day on Google+ and one to two posts a day on Instagram.

  1. Investigate each interaction seriously

With all the advantages that social media possess, one unfortunate by-product is the increased negativity that is now more visible than ever. A troll is one such example. Trolls intentionally seek to provoke others online to incite a reaction. It can sometimes be tough to discern the difference between trolls and customers with legitimate concerns, as both types of users will likely adopt an angry tone in their posts. The nuance is in the actual content of their argument. Before you take any action, investigate their motivations and decipher whether they are a legitimate angry customer or just a troll.

Trolls usually want attention, so the easiest way to defuse the situation is to ignore them. Deleting the comments will provide them more ammunition in the future. Another way to approach the situation is to respond with facts if your troll tries to disseminate false information.

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