4 Things Not To Do For Community Management

Community management is the foundation of making your social media presence a success. Sure, quality content helps get you high views and engagement, but demonstrating consistent community management will create a long-lasting relationship and have a long-term impact on your brand awareness, reputation and conversions.

However, it is easy to screw up community management and become a social media viral disaster. Here are four things NOT to do in community management!

  1. Engage with trolls

In our previous post (4 Must-dos of Social Media Community Management),  we mentioned the emergence of trolls on social media and how each social media engagement must be taken seriously.

If a post is suspected to be a troll, the best solution would be to ignore it and not engage with it. Engaging with trolls have the potential to go viral for all the wrong reasons if the matter is not handled delicately.

  1. Get caught up in an argument with your fans who disagree with you. Be smart, be respectful.

Community management is essentially the nuance of interpersonal relationships through just online communication. Like in other forms of communications, sometimes disagreements occur.

When a genuine disagreement occurs, it is important to maintain your cool in community management. It is easy to feel insulted or angered if you are the business owner or the community manager. However, it is important to maintain your cool and keep the communication respectful and cordial even if it is not reciprocal. The social media sphere is full of social media disasters where owners get into tic-for-tacs with customers or social media users.

If you feel that the communication is going nowhere, sometimes changing the communication platform might get both parties the desired outcome. It might be a good idea to take the engagement offline and get an opportunity to discuss with a phone call or a personal visit, as it gives the business an opportunity to reach the customer or potential customer a more personal experience.

  1. Give standard replies and answers to real questions. Sound genuine.

Social media responses can feel repetitive when constantly being asked the same question. Some social media pages use standard template responses to ensure both consistency and saves time on responses.

However, what this does is remove the human component from your social media profile. Treat each individual engagement and question as its own and allow the responses to reflect that. Should multiple people manage the same profile, it is perfectly fine to allow each individual the space to create their own voice while still providing the same level of consistency.

  1. Engage with competitors unless you have a solid game plan

Banter is the new rage among businesses on social media. Some of the biggest sports team @ each other on a regular basis, and fast-food businesses have also engaged in such conversations.

However, it is nuanced and small businesses should not engage in such banter unless they are certain of what they are doing and a proper plan in place.

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