4 ways to harness the power of Like, Comment & Share

Receiving likes, comments and shares are the ultimate validation for social media. Collectively regarded as social media engagement, these metrics are the prize for social media managers. We provide 4 simple ways that will help to harness its power.

  1. Give away something of real value

Giveaways are an easy way to gain social media engagement. People love free stuff, especially when it is something of tangible value. Whatever industry you are in, think of freebies that would be effective to inform the social media audience about your business while being attractive enough to draw high social media engagement numbers. This product given away can be a free gift or a free service, but it has to be something that has actual monetary value.

Do note that there are rules and regulations in regards to giveaway restrictions on social media. Be sure of the rules regulating the social media platform of your choice.

  1. Post at the right time

Timing is king in the world of social media. The exact post can generate different results depending on the time it was posted. So how do you determine when is the right time for you?

First, know your audience. Are they international, regional or local? What is the timezone that they are most active. Are you a B2B or B2C company? B2B companies usually fare better when content are posted during office hours while B2C companies generally get better results outside of office hours, when people have more time to check their own social media feeds.

  1. Engage with the commenters and sharers

Social media engagement should be met with more engagement. Social media accounts that engage with their audience will gain more engagements. Not only will the person you are talking to feel the personal touch from the impersonal social media platform, engagement will also demonstrate to silent spectators of your social media page that this is an active page that takes their engagement seriously.

  1. Be Visual

In the cluttered world of social media, getting the visual attention of the user will result in more people seeing your content. Visuals substantially increase Facebook interactions by more than 85%!

While visuals like photos, infographics and graphics cost money, it can be argued that the increase in likes, comments and shares will be worth it. You can also use the abundance of free visual tools like Fotor, Canva etc to help you build more visual content.

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