Why you should think of mobile first when advertising on Facebook

Smartphone and tablet social media usage has surpassed desktop usage since 2014, and advertisers have to adjust their strategy accordingly. Here are a few tips on how to think mobile first when advertising on Facebook.

Better click-through-rate and cost-per-click

Mobile ads provide better bang for your buck. Generally, mobile ads get better click-through-rates and cost-per clicks compared to their desktop counterparts. This could help companies save money and reach a larger group of audience with the same amount of money.

Shorter text copy

Ads on mobile devices have to have shorter text copy when targeted for mobile devices. Should you copy be too long, the app will truncate it with an extra ‘read more’ button to get the full message. Make sure that the copy fits for mobile and test it before launching using Facebook’s ad guidelines.

Mobile friendly landing page

If your objective of advertising is to send them to your website or a landing page outside of Facebook, make sure the landing page is optimised to work properly on mobile devices.

Use attention grabbing images

Facebook users on mobile devices scroll through their newsfeed faster on their mobile devices than on desktop since it is easier to scroll. To get better results for your mobile advertisement, use attention-grabbing images that make the mobile user stop and look at your ad and it will improve the results.

Use short and snappy videos

Facebook has introduced a series of advertising options for videos, such as in-video ads and 5-second previews on videos. Make your videos short and directly to the point. Most mobile users use mobile data to surf Facebook, and with limited data packages, it is important that your video does not consume too much data.

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