Cooking Through COVID: Navigating the F&B Industry with Javier Perez – StratXchange Podcast

At a time when eating anywhere other than the comfort of your home is a health threat, how are dine-in restaurants expected to survive? Join us with Javier Perez, founder of Grain Traders and Raw Kitchen Bar, as we sneak a peak into the F&B industry during the pandemic, and more.

Who is Javier Perez?

Originally from Puerto Rico, Javier Perez has been working the hospitality scene in Singapore for over 10 years. His aim has always been to create memorable spaces that have a positive impact on people’s social interactions. Javier Perez founded his first restaurant, Bahn Mi, in 2006, and is currently the founder of Grain Traders and Raw Kitchen Bar.

Who is Jason Lim?

Jason is CEO and founder of Stratgeist digital marketing consultancy, and social media marketing and growth expert. When Jason isn’t busy consulting with clients and training his team members, he’s out seeking valuable experiences and finding ways to make things better.

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