Working in the Film and Advertising Production Industry with Sebastian Tan – StratXchange Podcast

What’s it like starting a regional production house from the ground up? How does one navigate the film industry which profits on big events and festive seasons during a global pandemic? Join us as we discuss these questions and more with Sebastian Tan, founder of Shooting Gallery Asia.

Who is Sebastian Tan?

Sebastian Tan is a successful commercial photographer who founded and manages Shooting Gallery Asia, a creative commercial film and photography studio that has grown to become arguably one of the biggest in Singapore and has established a steady foothold in Asia. Sebastian Tan’s work has won him many international advertisement awards, and he continues to navigate the studio through the pandemic. Discover more about Shooting Gallery Asia on their website or follow their Instagram @shootinggalleryasia.

Who is Jason Lim?

Jason Lim is CEO and founder of Stratgeist digital marketing consultancy, and social media marketing and growth expert. When Jason isn’t busy consulting with clients and training his team members, he’s out seeking valuable experiences and finding ways to make things better.

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