Being a MomBoss on Social Media with Michelle Hon – StratxChange Podcast

How can you take advantage of social media algorithms? How do you manage being both a mom and an entrepreneur? 

Join MomBoss Michelle Hon and Stratgeist founder Jason Lim as they tackle these questions and more on this episode of StratXchange.

Who is Michelle Hon?

Michelle Hon is an influential mother of 3, an entrepreneur, author, speaker and podcaster. As the founder of Momboss Academy, she shares tips and expertise on how to balance both motherhood and growing your dream career from home. You can find Michelle on Facebook and Instagram @thechillmom or catch her podcast, The Chill Mom Boss, on Spotify, 

Who is Jason Lim?

Jason Lim is CEO and founder of Stratgeist digital marketing consultancy, and social media marketing and growth expert. When Jason isn’t busy consulting with clients and training his team members, he’s out seeking valuable experiences and finding ways to make things better.

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